Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


It's 10:24 in the morning and I am the only one up (Emma was up but is asleep again). It's a sleep-in kinda day, I guess. Emma was up early not feeling well again, but has settled down now and watching shows in her room.

My headache was so bad last night, I was completely crippled with pain all night. At 9 pm Mark finally made me go lay in the bedroom with the lights off and rubbed my back for about 20 minutes...ZZzzzz - I was out! I didnt wake up till 2am! The headache was gone, but I had trouble getting back to sleep. Now this morning I can feel "remnants" of the pain, hoping it doesnt start back up again. I had a headache similar to this one at Magic Mountain one year. It was 114 degrees (no exaggeration) and I rode rides for about 45 minutes till I got this massive migraine and sat out the rest of the day. Watched everyone else ride the rides of a lifetime, while I sat in the heat holding my temples. Blech.

Tonight is a special doodad of Survivor. Not a new one, but looks like some behind the scenes film, and best of stuff. Then right after that is Amazing Race. Whee!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving..for those of you celebrating I hope you have a good day with friends or family. If you have no friends or family, come to my mom's house for the day and we'll all laugh about it together.


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