Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Lesson of the *not* go Christmas shopping with Mark. He is so frugal, everything is too much. So I did a lot of mental shopping, with plans to go back and get certain things later. Alone.

Well, I've got my soda ready to go, and a Bavaraian Creme Pie for mom's house tomorrow. Should be a hoot. Here's a few things that I *know* will happen:

Daniel will ask if he can play my mom's Nintendo (yes, the original Nintendo and she only has one game, Mario) - and she'll say no.
I have not been smoking regularly for months and yet tomorrow I will be outside on the porch no less than 5 times. Guaranteed.
Dinner will take hours to prepare, 10 minutes to consume and an hour to clean up.
I was going to write that "I will meet my friend Tom in the middle of the street to chat"..but I just called him and he has to work tomorrow. (911 doesn't close on Thanksgiving....those rats)
My mom will call every other kids name before getting to the right one. (Aman..Ka..Daniel!!)
Daniel will go downstairs and poke around.

That's about it. I will most certainnly blog from there tomorrow, and after. Have a good day, all.


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