Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Mr. or Ms. Anonymous is having fun with the comments, aren't they? We can take it. (They're on aol anyway...ha! Yes, love..I know who you are.)

Wanted to say Hi to "Amy" who commented last night, but didn't list her url if she had one..says she's a frequent reader tho. That's so fun! And also to all the recent posters on the guestmap. C'mon in! the water's...well, it's freezing!

Nothing much planned today, going to go get Katie at school soon..she works early today and then closes, and when she does that she doesn't have time to work out unless I go pick her up from school. She's gotten so thin, it's amazing! She's the epitome of doing it the right way. She started working out some time ago, but could only do 15 mins or so before she got too tired. She started eating virtually no fat and stayed away from sugar as much as possible. Now she works out for about 45 mins per day and her body really shows it. I should be motivated by her. Should be. Not. heh.

Emma and I are going for lunch at Cindi's school tomorrow, that will be fun. Emma loves Cindi, and will love being at her library again.

Im off to do something wildly productive.


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