Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Groooan..I am so pooped. I cleaned my bedroom!

I started around 6:30 and stopped only to watch Vivor (Alex, you are the weakest link..goodbye) and I am just now done. The only thing left is laundry. When I started I had about 4 baskets of clean clothes to put away, plus I re-did my whole desk, went through every single dresser drawer and organized them (14 drawers in all), I arranged my clothes in my closet, and straightened everything in storage on the top shelf of said closet. I've been doing laundry steadily all day, and putting it away as it comes out. I have a huge baset of unmatched socks..I'll tackle that tomorrow.

Tomorrow Emma has a doctors appointment to get caught up on her immunizations for Kindergarten. She doesn't seem too bothered about it, with promises of MickeyD's right after.

I've been promised a backrub tonight..I can't wait.


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