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I thought I would post my Survivor comments that I regularly post at fortysomething. That way you all can join in.

So, Alex is gone. Rob was the swing vote, and I was glad he voted Alex off. He's in trouble jury-wise, but I think he knows he's not going to win anyway.

Besides the fact that I can't *stand* her, Heidi needs to be voted off next if only so she can go get a burger. God, is she wasting away or what?! Those implants are looking more and more ridiculous with every pound she loses. I'm hoping they're going to give those jokers a mirror like last season so Heidi can see how horrible she's looking.

Butch has certainly flown under the radar for the entire series, and I think he knows it. I don't see him sinning. He's expendable. I would love to see Christy win, just because she'd be so freaking happy. Her smile does certainly light a room.

I am loving Rob. He's so crafty, and yet he's really juvenile in an endearing way. The look on his face when Alex left was priceless. He's happy, but he knows he's in trouble with the twiglets. I hope hope hope the 4 stay strong for a few more days and oust Heidi and Jenna. After that, I'd be happy if any of the remaining folks win.

This particular Survivor season started out a little dull and a bit of a yawn...but it has gotten very very interesting.


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