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Still cleaning, still laundering...

Did Emma's room today. It wasn't too bad, I just had to go through everything and see what still fits, and what doesn't. A lot doesn't. But I've been steadily picking up summer items I've seen on sale here and there, and she's more than set. About 20 pairs of shorts, too many shirts and a couple of swimsuits. I tidied her room too, and everything is wonderfully in it's place. She played in the hallway for about 90 minutes with her big dollhouse and the mounds of dollhouse furniture she got for her birthday while I cleaned. Now all that's really left to do is keep plugging away at the laundry (about 2 more loads) and then face the daunting task of matching up socks. One huge laundry basket full of just socks. I'm gonna make Emma help me.

Tomorrow is tumbling class again, should be fun. She got tuckered out about halfway through last time, yelling across the gym to us "I'm pooped!!". She carried on but had clearly lost steam. I'm glad we decided to put her in the class just below her age group, I think she would have gotten run over in the 5 year olds class. As it was, she was bringing up the rear most of the time. But she had fun, and that's all I give a damn about.

Her doctors appointment today went really well. The doctor was so thorough and good. She and her assistant spent the good part of an hour with Emma, testing her on some developmental things that Emma whizzed through, and generally just chatting, in a "I want to see how much you know" way. She weighed 29.5 pounds, and was 39.25 inches tall. I think when I was 5 years old I was at about 125 pounds already. lol

She got three shots, all in her thighs, which she was none too pleased about. But we went to McDonalds after and she only complained a little bit. She said her legs were a little sore tonight, but not too bad. While there, she absolutely positively refused to pee in a cup. She said no a few times and then loudly told the doctor "I saaaid I don't feeeeel like it today!" Okaaay then.

Katie is looking for another job, she's so tired of all the folks at Fuzzoli's that don't do anything. She's a very hard worker, I know because she's a hard worker at home, and she doesn't do anything half-assed. Plus, when she applied and accepted the job she said no Friday's or Sundays and they've scheduled for both for the past few weeks. So she went to Village Inn today and applied, and they've already called for an interview! Cross your fingers, She'd be waitressing and making a lot more money. She needs a car! I need my car back!

Amanda and I are hooking up with another flower shop tomorrow to do more deciding for the wedding. That should be fun. This is a person that my dad uses in his funeral home business, so maybe they'll cut her some $lack.

Lots of other fun things coming up, Daniel and I are going to a gun show on Sunday, and Katie and Charlie are taking me to a concert for my birthday! I'm so excited, I love these two bands, and I absolutely love Red Rocks.

There, I'm updated. And so are you. But have you updated? Hmm?


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