Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I'm a slug today. I just laid on the couch and watched "Changing Lanes" and then "Holes" one right after the other. Now I feel groggy and useless.

I didn't go up to the pool because Emma's tummy was hurting, and Daniel wasn't interested in going. I'll do a lot of things by myself, but public swimming isn't one of them. I was bummed, I really wanted to get out in the sun and water. This is turning out to be not the summer I'd hoped it would be.

Amanda's wedding is 30 days away. She seems relatively calm about it, and everything is falling into far. She wants to see the dress I'm wearing (with veto power) so we're going to go to lunch on Sunday, that'll be fun.

Katie and Charlie are out and about together today, then going to a concert tonight. She's home so infrequently now, I really miss her sometimes. I'm glad she has her car and some freedom now. She makes enough money to have a little fun and that's good. She has a good life, and she deserves it.

Well, that's my little mid-afternoon update. I suppose you can all get back to your damn Oprah watching now.


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