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Frazzle Dazzle

Dy's right. I am frazzled. I feel run down, cranky, ill, and needy. Unfortunately everyone else in the house is needy too, and I gotta be the grown up. Life's that way. Emma's behaving just fine, but she needs stuff, and that's not her fault., She can't get drinks by herself, read which movie is which, or cook her own dinner. It's just been a l-o-n-g 8 days since mommy was here. But she'll be here tomorrow, so that's a good thing.

I still have to run to the bank and grocery store, but Emma has settled in on the couch with droopy eyes, so you know damn well I'm not touching that for a while. The store will still be there, and the bank has a night drop. Katie cleaned the kitchen before she went to work (thank you Katie!) so at least that is taken care of. She's so glad to have her car back! So now she has new tires, a new alternator, and a door that won't open. Hey, that's not so bad! the guys at Discount Tire were so nice. I swear, I will never go anywhere else. They were quoting me prices, etc and then saw in their computer that I had been a repeat customer for many years. They knocked off a bunch of money, and we got a helluva deal. I seriously would never go anywhere else. They've always been great to me.

Tonight is the season finale of The Amazing Race, which I will have to tape and watch later with Mark, because he's doing the late shift tonight. I just talked to him and was threatened with a spanking if I watch it without him. heh. Keep your comments to yourself.

That's about it. Riveting, huh.


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