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Whatever, just crash it Bob...



Motivation. Last seen somewhere around late May.

It's just me and Emma here today, and the forecast is for it to be hot, hot, hot. Wah!

We have tons to do, the kitchen looks like we fed an army last night, and didn't bother to even stack a dish. I have to pull books, pack what I can, box up another dress ($38 for that one - yay!) go to the post office, pick Katie up at school, go to an appointment to look at her senior picture proofs, go to the bank, take Katie to work, and take the Taurus for an emissions test.

On the flip side, Katie's car will be done first thing in the morning. I hope it truly is driveable with just the minimum amount of work we've agreed to. It will also have to have 2 new back tires immediately after picking it up. More errands for me! Whee!

We've decided to drive the Taurus until we can possibly allow to get something else, hopefully soon. I'm going to go see if it will pass emissions today, this could be a big deciding factor on what we do with it. If it will pass, we will likely sell it asap. If it won't, we'll drive it until it won't drive no mo'. Mark's already seeing what his car place has on the "back lot" (that doesn't sound good, does This time we are going to take the car we want to a mechanic first and make sure there is nothing majorly, obviously wrong.

I'm so damn sick of friggin' car problems! Why can't I just ever have something good that works for a long time? Why do snotty rude people that I can't stand have wonderful cars. Lately I sit and daydream, and wish problems on people I can't stand. It's either cathartic, or disturbed. Maybe both.

Speaking of driving...
I'm not exactly a passive driver. I'm very "verbal" in the car. heh. I try to keep my sailor mouth clean and generic when Emma is in the car of course, but the other day we were on our way somewhere and she said "You're so yelly in the car, Nell. Why are you so yelly?"


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