Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Lots of stuff accomplished today!

The claim on Katie's car has been settled. They are going to pound out the dents so it is driveable, and then we'll have to immediately get two new tires on it. The suspension is ok, so that saved a bunch of money. She'll come away with a little money to save for the next problem, and all is well. Hopefully she'll have her car back on Thursday.

I ordered my books for school, (don't ask) and spoke again to financial aid. They seem to think everything is just moving along swimmingly, and I should hear any day about what my award amount is.

I also mailed off two more dresses that sold on ebay. They're doing so well! One person emailed me right after I put one of them up and wanted to know if she could buy it outright because they wanted it by this weekend. Sho nuff! (something to note, out of the 5 dresses I've sold so far, 2 have been sold to men. I love it!)

I got so tired of farting around with the "we cant make glasses that hold together" place, that I got Emma's prescription mailed to me and then today Emma and I took it up to a "two pair for dirt cheap" glasses place and picked out some really cute ones. One of them has Elmo etched in the metal part of the ear piece. They should be here by Friday or Monday! Yay! We also got the optional 1-year protection thing that covers anything and everything that could happen to her glasses...just in case! So now hopefully by the time she comes back from Mommy's on Sunday, she'll have new glasses to wear to school.

Things are looking up, hmm?

I still have to take my car over to CP's place tomorrow and find out why it throws up anti-freeze on a regular basis. Hopefully it's not something major. Please oh please!

That's about guy will be home in a few, he sold another car! This job suits him so well. Even the managers around there say he's doing way better than average. He's offered to go out and do whatever I want tonight, but I think what I want is just to stay in and enjoy everyone's company.

PS...when you have a very hungry toddler in the backseat, going to McDonald's drive through is a good thing. However, I should have listened to my gut instincts and gone inside when I heard the clerk tell the guy in front of me : "That'll be 57 dollars and 32 cents". Sheesh. So much for fast food.


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