Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Oooh, we're all so pooped.

We left here around 10am for the Asian Dragon Boat Festival, which was hella fun. We walked, ate, and watched dancers and dragons and boats all day. Very very fun. And it's only 2 weeks until the Taste of Colorado of my favorites.

We stopped and got slurpees on the way home and now everyone is nearly comatose. Emma and Mark are in the living room, Mark is asleep and Emma nearly is. I'm next. naptime! Pictures tonight..

PS - As much a I love these kinds of festivals, I hate hate hate the people. Why do people stop suddenly in the only area there is to walk in? Why do people walk diagonally in front of me, cutting me off and nearly planting their face in my chest? And people...please. Your dogs really don't want to be there. They're hot, panting, and the ground is burning their little foot pads. I'd love to go to a no-dog festival for once. Oh, and if you have a three-wide stroller, stay the fuck home.

Other than that, it was great fun.


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