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Sometimes kids surprise you with what they remember and retain.

Emma had a little homework assignment, where she had to answer questions about her family. One question was "What are two of your family's rules?" Without missing a beat she said "If you ask daddy or Nell something when they are on the phone, the answer is no".

Ahh, yes.

A rule instituted early in my own kids childhoods. If you interrupt and ask a question while we're on the phone, the answer is no..even if it's something that you would have gotten a "yes" answer to, if asked at any other time. I'd get off the phone and say
"Now what did you want?"
"Can I watch a movie?"
"No, do you know why?"
"Cause I asked while you were on the phone."
"Bingo. Go play."

And what was Emma's second household rule remembered?

"No twirling on the stairs."

Ok then.


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