Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Made up my own meme. Heh. Do it at your blog too. Or else.

Big - Bigger - Biggest

How big would your dream home be?
I don't want a huge house, tho it looks like I need one. I just have too much dang stuff. This house is perfect.

Big dogs or little dogs?
I'm gonna duck and cover when I say this...but little dogs. I like little dogs. Pekingese, pomeranians, shar poodles tho. blech.

Would you rather have bigger breasts? Or a bigger bank account?
Definately a bigger bank account. I'm doing just fine "up there".

Whose butt is bigger, you or your moms?
I think my moms is bigger. Not by much tho.

What's the biggest chore you've accomplished this week?
I cleaned out my food cupboards and organized everything.

Name the biggest thing on the desk you're using right now, besides your monitor and computer.
My tv. It's like a 20" or something. I have a huge desk.

Well, that was fun. I'm bored, can ya tell?


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