Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


School completely kicked my rear tonight. Lecture lecture, write stuff down. What's this. I don't know. What's my name. Not sure. I'm soo sleepy! I actually had to stop and get coffee on the way home, even though we always have coffee as soon as I get home. Does that make sense? I had to have coffee before coming home to have coffee. Yikes.

I got an 83% on my test. Not bad. All the questions I missed were the things I guessed on. Everything I thought I knew, I did know.

Had a nice chat with my bestest buddy Michele before school, she turned me on to a lot of grants and stuff that I could probably apply for. It was so nice to get caught up on what's going on with our kids, and life in general. I met Michele when both of our kids (her Jose and my Katie) were both in 1st grade at the same school, and now they are both seniors in high school. We were both extremely active in the parent-teacher group at school and became friends that way. Now we've both gone through divorces and numerous kid related troubles since then. It's nice to have that ally. We've both been there for each other when no one else would....akin to the saying "friends help you move, real friends help you move bodies." Not quite that bad...but bad enough. The type of friend I could call at 3 am and say "I need you to pick me up in Montana"..and by the time we'd finished talking, she'd be dressed and out the door. She's a keeper.

I'm so pooped. I have to go find the couch. Hope everyone had a fun day and all is well.


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