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Are we all ready for the possible mention in the Rocky Mountain News tomorrow? Let's slick our hair back with our little black combs and dab each others faces with saliva slicked tissues. Make sure all your links are working, and everything looks pretty..cause if I get traffic, you all are gonna get traffic. And for goodness sakes almighty, update!

Had a nice day with Daniel. Went to get his hair cut, I swear that child's hair is part of the Evelyn Wood speed-growing system. We also went to Arc and I cleaned up on little tiny size 5 clothes. Eeep! Better get em washed and put away before big bad daddy sees em. Actually, I can't hardly put anything away till I get more hangers! Gah!

We found a bunch of cheap halloween decorations and get this...even a stethoscope! I had just ordered a stethoscope a couple of weeks ago, and when it came in the mail, I took it right to the post office and mailed it back for a was such junk. And it was $11! The one I found today was in a big bucket of halloween junk like plastic fireman's helmets and kitty-cat-ear headbands. It was $1.49! It's a really good brand, and is in fantastic shape! yay!

They have a huge section of halloween costumes at the thrift store, and I poured over them for a long time, trying to find something appropriate for me to wear to Emma's school party. I did find a really nice cap and gown but feared I would be highly irritable at Emma's party and the following conversation would ensue with some pint size nose-picker:

"what are you dressed up as?
"A graduate, something you'll never be. Now go wipe your boogers on the chalkboard."

I thought maybe a story book character would be good. Mark suggested Professor McGonagall from Harry Potter, to which I gave him "the look", because as we all know..she's old! I think am more inclined to resemble Alice in Wonderland or Cinderella, hmmm?

What's most interesting is many of the costumes at the thrift store aren't costumes at all. They're just clothes that are so incredibly hideous that they could only be construed as costumes by any normal person. It amazes me to hold up a bright green dress with an elastic bodice, and a red plaid hem trim and think...sometime, somewhere..someone saw this, loved it..and paid full price. Now that's scary.


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