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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Do I blog too much? Probably. Ah, who cares.

I am the most distracted person in the entire world. I was checking my bstats, to see how people got here. Google searches, etc. So I read where someone had typed in "fecal vision" and found my blog, I went back and read what I wrote about it, and then found some other interesting link from my blog around that day and blah blah blah before you know it two hours has gone by.

So in my quest to see who's searching for what..and ending up here...we have these Google search terms:

fecal vision
exchange houses for holidays dont mind pets but cant drive
maxines bride
some say love, it is a river
immodium long-time usage
lonely women homepage
pictures of messy desks

All I want to who is contemplating the long-time usage of Immodium? And why... Good lord, that stuffs backs you up like nobody's business.

Mr/Ms. Allie and her helper are here messing with the tree. Here is the current conversation going on in my backyard:

Allie: I'll get the big ladder
Helper: Aren't we going to wait for Public Service?
Allie: No, let's just do it.
Helper: How much voltage do you think is in that PSCO line we're gonna be cutting by?
Allie: I dunno, probably a lot. Try not to touch it.


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