Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Thanks for all the well-wishes re my test. But let's not get all weird and jinxy till the scores actually come back!

Mark is at a meeting at work, he actually works nights tonight but had to get up and get dressed up for a meeting. Blah to that. I tried to sleep in a bit, but just couldnt. I just cannot sleep past about 8 am anymore. We were watching a movie last night, but I fell asleep after just a few minutes, and finally came up and went to bed about 12:30. 12:30?!?! I know! This class is kicking my ass.

My Biology project was submitted on time, and I've received decent feedback from the professor. "Nice work except for this one thing..." Ah well...

Mark wants to go look at cars today, something to replace the ever-water-leaking Taurus. I'm just not into it right now. I wish he'd just buy something and bring it home. lol

I can smell the coffee. (so is it time to wake up? - you know, wake up and smell the..oh nevermind).

I'm gonna go get some.


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