Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I feel like I aced my test...but I felt that way last week too. I did pass all my hands-on practicals, and at one station (oral airway, nasal airway and suction) the proctor said I was flawless. Whee! I was the only one that remember to turn the patient on his side briefly before I suctioned cause he had puked. Yay...go puke.

I hate to say it. But you know I'm gonna. I'm so sleepy.

Emma's at mommy's and I'm really glad. lol. I'm not glad she's gone like "yea, you! get outta here!" but I am really looking forward to having the house totally to myself all day tomorrow. Two days a week she is in school all day, but I still have to get upand walk her, plus plan my day around picking her up mid-afternoon.

This weekend I am going to go see Amanda's house, and probably go see Thirteen with Kt and Charlie. Fun. You will probably find me supine (not prone!) on the couch. lol


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