Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


You all are so cute for doing my silly meme. Danke shane.

Just got home from school, Im tired tired. We did practicals and had to demonstrate all our airway stuff. Oxygen, opening airways, opa's, npa's, non rebreather masks, bag valve masks...make it stop!! Tomorrow we have another test and some more airway practicals. I tell you what would practical is to stay home and lay on the couch.

Emma and I had to run errands all afternoon, and when I got home, I was so sleepy. Have you ever been so sleepy that you can just feel your body shutting down whether you want it to or not? Mark came home about 3:30 and I barked at everyone that I was gonna take a nap before school, and then even got up 5 minutes later to holler at everyone for being too noisy, when all they were doing was making some food. Gah! I did get a little nap tho, and it helped.

Mark taped Big Brother for me, so we're gonna go watch it now. It's so intense this week. It was unanimously understood that Allie was gone gone gone this week..and then she goes and wins the power of veto. What the hell?! Now she has her choice of who goes. Riveting.

Later, gators.


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