Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


After answering the third or fourth email to someone (Hi Jenny!) about how to post pictures on their blog, I finally decided to make an official "help page" for anyone else who wants to try. Jenny figured it out from my instructions, so I bet you can too. There's a link to the page on the right over there, under the Help Section. Do it.

We've got people coming and going today re: the tree problem. Public Service has been here, and now I guess they have called a tree trimmer to come and take out most of the tree that is left. They say it is too weak, and will blow over in a good wind, taking out the primary nieghborhood power line. Wouldn't that be fun?!

I never mentioned what happened on Big Brother. Like anybody cares..but too's my blog! ha!

Allison..grr! She had the total deciding vote about who was going to leave, since there are only 4 houseguests left. She blatantly-to-their-face promised both Erika and Jun neither would be evicted. Obviously, she had to pick someone to go (and again grrr!) She picked Erika. I soooo wanted Erika to win. Allison hit the nail right on the head at the end of the show tho, she said "I knew I couldnt win against her". Obviously at this late stage in the game, you don't keep your friends and allies around, you kick off your fiercest competition. Regardless, I was mad to see Erika go. Pfftt.

Ciao, baby...


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