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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Just got home, and I've been gone since noon!

Had to go to the post office, but not even for books. Some online knife knuts and I do regular knife "pass-arounds" and I had to get one in the mail pronto. The premise is that we mail knives back forth to each other, maybe ones we're considering buying, or maybe one you'd never consider buying..just to see what they're like. We mess around with them, cut up a bunch o' stuff and then mail them on to the next person. This knife was really nice..I can't say what it was because this passaround is a "mystery" one. You don't know what you're getting till it gets here. Fun. It was a fixed blade knife tho, something I would rarely use, and probably never buy. This one was very slick-looking tho, and small enough and aesthetic enough that I would carry and use it if I owned one. It's in the $220 price range tho, so it's an unlikely purchase anytime soon. Or far. lol. I know the maker of this knife and that made it fun to play with too.

Then went to my mom's, and dinked around on her computer a bit. She keeps a legal pad next to her pc and writes down all the weird things that come up that she wants to ask me about. Today it was zip files, adding people to her buddy list, etc. So we did that for a while and got her all squared away.

Then we went to Amanda's and that was really fun. Their house is so cute, and so tidy and so FAR! It's a nice area tho, will be nicer when they get some neighbors and some stores around. It's decorated really cute, with her signature "sage green" everywhere. I took some pictures, maybe I will get them up tomorrow.

Then I met Katie and Charlie at the movies, we saw Thirteen. It wasn't as wrenching as I thought it was going to be..watching the trailer a week or so ago nearly brought tears to my eyes. It just made all the emotions I have about raising teenagers to the surface, and for some reason had a tearful effect on me. Unfortunately, all the best parts were in the trailer, so the movie was lackluster..and very predictable. Still fun to get out and about with Katie and Charlie, however.

Then I went to Wal-Mart and farted around there for a bit, till they nearly closed. On my way home, Daniel called my cell and said we were out of cat food, so I had to then stop at the grocery store. Geebus louise, what a run-all-over-town sorta day.

I neglected to mention that yesterday did they not only come and trim the stray branches that were on the still-standing half of the tree that split, they took the whole damn rest of the tree down. I was mad. Our shade in our backyard is gone, gone gone!! PSCO came out and said it was dangerously weak and that another big wind would topple it over into the primary power line. I took pictures of them cutting it down, I'll try to get those up tomorrow too. Boo hoo.

Looks like Dy had a good birthday, that's cool. Sounds like they had a sedate, warm gathering. I'm glad she had a good day, and could spend it with Emma.

I did have a nice time with my mom today tho, it was a long drive out to Amanda's and we seemed to talk about everything. I like that she's so into her computer too, and doesn't just give up on things she doesn't understand. I think I broke her printer tho. Sorry mom. Well, I think she started breaking it, and I finished it. lol

Later, all.


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