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Am up early today, though lately I haven't been sleeping in nearly as much as I did this summer. Today is picture day at Emma's school so we had to get her lookin' extra cute. It's kind of annoying that you have to pay for the package of pictures on picture day. First of all, what if they're horrid? Yea, they do retakes, but what a hassle. Second of all, if you do school pictures on a Monday, a lot of people are going to forget. Ah, well. I just hope they come out cute.

We've been looking at a lot of different cars lately to replace the add-water-every-time-you-drive-it Taurus, and just can't find anything that is exactly perfect. We've looked in the paper, the auto trader magazine thingie, online and Mark has been looking especially hard at work, of course. Seems weird that here he is a car salesman, and we can't find a car to buy! My requirements are minimal..automatic, 4 door, 6 years old or newer, any color except white and god forbid NO blazing Hyundai. I know statistically if we got another Hyundai that chances are it wouldn't catch on fire in the driveway, but do I want to take that chance? I.don'

We finally watched Phone Booth last night. We both really liked it, and found it to be cerebrally (is that a word?) creepy in a Twilight Zone kinda way. I was surprised to see at the end who's voice was on the phone the whole time, I had been trying to put my finger on it, but never could figure it out. Forest Whitaker was good in it too, I always really like him. Speaking of which, I need to get moving and take the movies back before I get a hand-slap from Blockbuster. (Didn't movies used to be due back at midnight?)


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