Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I'm a little ticked off after perusing the classifieds and looking at rents. We're paying w-a-y over the average right now. I found a 3 BD 2 BA, THREE Car off street parking, fenced, PETS OK house in Denver for $685. And that's just one. Many comparible houses to ours, in the same town we live in are going for $200 less than we pay. And 2BD bungalows in North Denver (some good areas, some less than great) are cheap cheap cheap.

I don't want to move, that's for sure. Do you know how many books we have? A lot. So how do I re-negotiate my rent? You can't can you? It's just not done. It makes me mad though.

But..they say it's a buyer/renters market for now, and soon it will be the other way around. That I should be glad I'm locked in at my current rent cause similar properties will be renting for much more soon.

Yea, whatever.


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