Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Ok oooh i like this keyboard alot - clack clack clack. Finally i dont feel like i am squishing my hands on some miniature keyboard. ok so lets see, so Mark was cooking, and he brought me the electric piano. My day was instantly redeemed. Di was coming up tonight to bring emma, mark had to go, but he stayed as long as he could, i think..very very nice.
Still getting reeled in by Mr LD, dunno where the hell that whole scene is going. Talk about problematic. But for some reason, worth pursuing at this point. Total and complete weirdness with KV. God, I cant go into detail but lets just say there is some intervention needed that I am not succeeding in providing. He's a lot more depressed than i had originally thought, and there are so many red flags I just cant go anywhere with that than mere friends...and if the current situation doesnt improve, I dont see that standing a hell of a chance, either.

Also heard from Ray - he thought i was mad, i thought he was know. So we're gonna try to hook up soon. We decided online tonight that there is no long term potential, but that we really like hanging out together.

There have been a zillion kids over here all night, nice that they could come and hang out tho. vanessa is spending the night and going to the zoo with us tomorrow. Very cool. Am nervous about the whole Di thing, but I think it will be ok.

Am in a great mood, listening to American HiFi again and wondering if i should break down and go to bed early. Ack - so unlike me. Just had a nice N&W tho - lol so i guess that makes it more cozy to go to bed alone. Except that i have no sheets on my bed. I dunno what happened to em, kids just come in here and hang and they get torn off. Insane.

Ok, time to go -
Lets see_
The phrase for the day is - Its 4/20
Trivial moment of the day - I am stealing money from the government...I work for the state and do nothing - all day, every day.


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