Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I am sitting at my desk with my shoes and socks off. I definately have become too comfortable in my job.
Am getting excited about Blackhawk, tho dont really know what to expect. No pressure, blah blah blah. Same old song and dance. Mr. LD is off for the day, thats a big pout. We talked a bit today, he is too nice to be true. He allegedly is going to call me at home tomorrow night, that is NOT a big pout. Now, I just have to figure out what my phone number is. Seriously, got an email from Average Joe, saying his number was ringing as my number, etc. Fuckin' USWorst. He did get his NIC card working tho, and fixed my VCR. He's great. He's superman.

Katie called to tell me she is ditching 8th hour. Isn't that considerate of her? What a gal.

The Coles troup is doing the playplace and the hardware store today. Helllo? My two favorite places in the world. Cha! How dare them. Sunday is going to be "build the shelves behind the computer" day at Coles Camp. Can't wait. Drywall makes me crazy! lol

Ok, lets see what else. My head is aching beyond belief, but Cheryl just gave me some sinus medicine so I should be hitting the floor any minute now. Either that or I will be getting loopy. Any guesses? Wagers? C'mon!

Got my nails done finally today. I need to learn the Vietnamese translation for "dont cut em so fucking short, PLEASE!"

Ok, gotta go...i dont know why. OH! Something very funny. Yesterday our internet connection was bwoke for a while and KT and I thought we would die. We sat around taking insane pictures of each other. I cant wait to load them up. They are SO funny.
Phrase for the day: I heard they shot a man with no arms in Cincinatti...oh wait a minute...
Trivial moment for the day: I *really* need to find my blue Native knife. This is getting serious


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