Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Same day...snoozeville. Listening to American Hi Fi and rockin. Watchin the Missy Pissy while the strange british man goes to buy a carpet cleaner. Was sitting here minding my own business when who should call - but Dy! Eeek! She was SO nice tho..I was glad. We talked about Emma and everything seemed very cool. Hope she doesnt rail Mark later about it. Hmm what else...there is nothing on tv, my nose it stuffed up and I cant seem to get enough sleep no matter what. Am going to Blackhawk on Friday, am really looking forward to that.
And - since i didnt do so earlier -
Phrase of the day: She's just the flavor of the weak (sic)
Trivial moment of the day - hmmm my eyes are dry. Whoopeee


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