Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


The word for the day is Friday - thank god its here
Have spent the entire week indoors, save for going to work and I think I am having severe cabin fever. Am still supposed to go to Blackhawk tonight, dunno if that's still happening, but I assume so. Will be a nice change of pace.
Am becoming more entranced with a long distance relationship that I vowed to keep at arms length. There are obstacles upon obstacles but as the days go by they seem less important. God what am I talking about. I am not going there..I cant! See where I'm at with this? It's just not good. I need to just approach it in the spirit it's already at, which is friendship, and just leave it there for now. I dont want it to become a diversion to distract me from other hurt, know what I mean? Grr..old patterns die hard
More later -


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