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The word for the day is Thursday - it is, and thats pretty cool
Man, I feel like I have so much to write about. First of all Karen just told me she had a dream about me last night: I was sitting at my desk cutting out all these tiny nude pics of myself and pasting them to the inside bottom of cups and everytime finished a cup of coffee or something there was a nude picture of me...! And everyone's reaction was just like "hmm" not horribly startled....we are trying to figure out what it means. Weird!
Went to No Frills last night, after watching Mark work on Joe's PC forever and a day. I am waiting for an email from Joe, telling me what the status is. We drank a lot of Caffreys and got very silly indeed. We talked a lot about different things, what our relationship means to each other, how hard it is to meet quality people, how hard it is for others to understand our friendship sometimes, etc. I always love those conversations, it really helps me keep things in perspective, and I always have a good outlook afterwards. So, right in the middle of this deep meaningful banter, this guy sits at the bar next to us and starts muttering to himself, and giving the barman shit about some odd thing or another. We knew it was coming, and it was only a matter of time before he turned to us and started chattering. Turns out he is this guy named Gary that is a veterinarian that kills cows. He said he was like Mengele. He said he was a veterinarian and then discovered that he hated animals. Actually what he hated was horses. He said they are dumber than a Japanese tourist in a New York Subway, whatever the hell that means. He rambled on and on about how life is a series of accidents, blah blah. It actually started an other deep discussion tho, about how things in our life..good and bad have led us to where we are today. So finally we went home and continued our discussion there, delving deep into our psyches and unveiling what makes us tick. Actually it was probably just drunken rambling. - Maybe a little of both.
I am allegedly going to the zoo this weekend with Mark, Emma Di and some other peeps. Im really excited, it should be hella fun. I hope the weather is nice!
Guess thats about it..
The phrase for the day is blah - i dont have one
Trivial moment for the day: I think im anti underwear now


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