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The word for the day is grouchy - yes I am
Today is a "dont F*ck with me" day. I have had several run ins already with people who are wishing they had bypassed talking to me, I think.
Katie and I went to Las Delicias last night with KV. Was fun, but good god we were in no condition to be there. First of all, I had absolutely NO idea where the place was. I had printed a map at work, and left it. So here Katie and I were driving in rush hour traffic, completely out of touch with reality and I have no idea where I am going. I had glanced at the map at work, so I knew some of the streets I was looking for. Somehow....someway - we found it, and were only 5 minutes late. Amazing

God, I really have very little memory of any of that..scary! lol Katie and I were laffing so hard, thinking of what we would normally do in this situation. We would have picked up my cell phone (which is not working at present) and called someone that we knew was online and coherent (operative word) enough to find the address and directions for the place we were looking for. We decided that this was the most pathetic existence known to man. First of all, what was most distressing, besides the fact that my phone is not working anyway, was that we could think of several people who would be online, but very few that would have the where-with-all to find directions for us. A sad state of affairs, indeed. Here is the jist of the conversation:

Me: "Who is home and online and smart enough to find directions for us?"
Katie: "Well Vanessa and Charlie are home, but they cant do it. I mean, Charlie is smart, but I just dont think he could do it."
Me: "Well what are we gonna do?"
Katie: "I dunno, where's Mark?"
Me: "(unprintable expletives)"
Katie: "We're screwed"
Me: "Yup"

It reminded me of many times I had called people (mostly Mark) when I was lost. One time, I was in Conifer and was so lost, I thought it was hopeless. But, eventually he got me where I needed to be, through what he would deem a very frustrating conversation, I'm sure.

I decided during this time of driving completely lost that traffic in and of itself is a very scary thing. Machines of death moving along at "yes this would kill you" speeds, and most people completely oblivious to their surroundings. Also decided that the slow lane is for people who want to drive exactly perfectly. Also concluded that checking out at the store is a very weird experience, or can be, just cause people themselves are so damn weird. I think I'm becoming too observant for my own good.
While we were having dinner we got on the subject of shibbay for some reason, and Katie replied how incredibly weird it was that not only did every friend she had imbibe, but also every single adult in her life as well. We laffed long and hard about that. Tis true, albeit disturbing...maybe not.
Ok, I have to stop for now. I have a lot more to write, but I'm bored of this and I am hungin...later


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