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The word for the day is hella. Everything is hella
Monday morning, hella drag. The weekend was great, tho. One of the best lately. Saturday we got up and had breakfast with Mark and Emma. It was Me, Kt, Vermin and Daniel. Di was supposed to join us, but was running a little late. So then we finally made it to the zoo, and it was freezing. We traipsed around a bit, saw the stuff Emma really wanted to see, and then decided it was just too cold. the whole Di meeting was great, no problems whatsoever. I like her a lot, and I feel like a big mystery rock has been moved. There were a bunch of other folks there, it was quite the celebration. So , then we all went back to Mark's for cake, etc..and that was fun. Everyone finally left and we rented a couple of movies. Ok, listen! Are you listening? I stayed awake for 3 entire movies. Watched Double Jeopardy, then Meet the Parents, then Crash...a movie I had been wanting to see forever. Very erotic, oh man...very weird. I highly recommend it to anyone that like quirky shit. Nearly a porno, careful! lol

Then Sunday, as usualy was "let's all go to Northglenn!" day. Went and picked Kt up at Vermins. Then Me, Daniel Mark and Emma went to CC Mall. I dont like that place, really. No fun stores, and just plain hella blah. Emma had fun climbing on the breakfast playground tho. Last night we all hung out at my place and watched "Millionaire" then had a discussion about how fast you could look up questions on the 'net for people if you were their "phone a friend" buddy. We tried it on one question, and had time to spare. lol - we're so damn weird. Not too much else, we stayed up late late chit chatting about religion and other thought provoking absurdities.
Joe made fun of our food again. He started going through my grocery bags as soon as I got home and reading the nutritional info to me! Then, he showed me how he broke down and bought junk food. PRETZELS! lol

Not much going on today, getting caught up on some file maintenance, and getting ready for them to come and carry my pc away on Thursday. God, oh god..dont let anything go wrong! Supposed to have dinner with RC tonight, would really like to be able to pull that off. Up to now, it just hasn't come together right. Hopefully tho.

A sidenote - Emma is being trained to be anti-binky this week. God save us all

Phrase for the day: Joe, come look at the groceries we bought!
Trivial moment for the day: I came to work with no shoes on. I couldnt find em. I wore boots in, but have sit here at my desk all day shoeless. lol


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