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It's been a good weekend, though a lot of it spent taking care of others.

Emma had tumbling on Saturday morning, which went very well. She still lags way behind the others on some things, namely walking backwards and hopping. But she gives it the college try, and that's all that matters. Her teacher is sweet and patient.

Saturday afternoon I met Amanda at alas, another flower shop, hoping to find the ONE that Amanda trusted, liked and that I could afford. We finally found her. She came recommended by my dad, who uses her almost exclusively in his funeral home business. 512 dollars later, we have flowers. We signed everything, I paid for half to seal the deal, and it's done. And her name is Danelle, believe it or not. Wild.

Saturday afternoon we were all bored, so we decided to go swimming up at the Rec Center's indoor pool. Daniel came too, which was nice. We left about 5pm, intended to just stay an hour or so and then go get dinner. Well, little miss Amy Van Dyken Jr. here didn't want to get out of the pool. Finally Mark had to go get some dinner and bring it in, we didn't leave until the pool closed at 8:00pm. Even then Emma was disappointed to have to leave. I took a bunch of pictures, I'll put em up tomorrow.

When we got up this morning, Emma's leg, the site of two of her injections on Friday didn't look good at all. Yesterday it was a little red and splotchy, and felt warm. This morning the rash had spread significantly, and she was feeling nauseous. We decided to call the doctor who basically said she could be having a negative reaction to probably the measle vaccine, and told us to watch it, and take her temperature regularly. Mark is so smart, he drew a circle around the rash with a marker so we could monitor if it was spreading at all. She was lethargic for part of the day but after a short nap she was back to her old self. The rash is still rather large, but seems to be fading. Mark cancelled the mommy drop today, and will be driving to Fairplay tomorrow instead.

Mark also wrenched his back somehow last night, he thinks by sleeping on it funny. So today he was miserable and in a lot of pain, barely able to move his arm and having to hold his head in a weird position. He laid on a heating pad and I rubbed him down with massage oil and IcyHot, then he slept for 3 hours or so and now seems better.

So, it's been kind of a nursemaid type weekend, as we women have sometimes. When it rains, it pours.

Daniel and I went to the gun show today, that was a lot of fun. I love gun shows, sorry but I do. I met some really nice knife sellers there, one of them gave me a VIP Pass for the Blade show in Atlanta. Did I mention we are going to Atlanta again this year? We are. Im jazzed. We'll be there June 12-16, but only going to the show one day and planning some down time for the rest of the days. Anyway, this guy gave me a VIP pass, which means we get in to the Blade Show for free, and can get in to a preview of the show on Thursday night, which we likely won't go to. Last year I also snagged two VIP passes. It's good to have knifemaker buddies. I'm so excited about the trip, it will be good to see old friends and a few new ones that couldnt make it last year. In all, there's about 150 of us that know each other from online and other shows, and we all get together after the show on Saturday night and party heartily. Mark and I talked about it for a while, trying to discern if we could afford to take a mini vacation, and we decided we could. I gave him the option of picking somewhere we'd never been before, or going back to Atlanta for Blade, and he actually choose to go back there. HotLanta!

I'm going to bed early's been a long two days. Nite all.


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