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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


A busy day of book buying and assorted errands. We were gone from lunchtime till dinnertime. Funny how I tell time by when it's time to eat. lol

Only 13 bags of books, small by comparison to some weeks. We're forced to be a little more choosy since we don't have the wagon to load books in anymore. Mark's car can hold a few, but not too many. The 13 bags was in two trips to two different stores. I also had to go to 2 banks, and the grocery store. I have more errands tomorrow and a couple of things to get in the mail. I have Katie's car for the week, which is wonderful..! I feel so mobile!

I secured the pavilion for Amanda's bridal shower today and tomorrow the invites will go in the mail. Everything for the wedding seems to be coming along swimmingly.

Katie called from Whee, Dundee and said it was as close to horrible as horrible gets. They are spending a grand amount of time at an elderly aunt and uncle's house who "have a lot of knick knacks, and no A/C." I was also informed.. "Mom, they had ground beef subs for dinner, and marinated cucumbers.." At least they have a nice hotel room and a pool to play in. The weather there is supposed to be scorching this week.

Dy and Emma will go home tomorrow, then Mark will have to go get Emma again on Friday so she can attend tumbling on Saturday. I feel like I'm in the middle of a Berenstain Bears book sometimes.."Too Much Toddler". I guess it's just been far too long since my kids were squealing and squirming day in and day out.

Daniel has been taking a weight lifting class at the Rec Center, and he really likes it so far. They meet twice and week and so far the only complaint I've heard is that "the coach is a girl". heh.

My mom finally had her eye surgery today, I think this was the day she had the corneal implants. I asked her if they were from cadavers, but she said she didn't know and doesn't want to know. I told her she'd probably be seeing memories of someone else's life from now on. HA! She was not amused.

My dad is on an Alaskan cruise to celebrate his 70th birthday. Alaska. brr..

Daniel's waterbed (which is actually Mark's waterbed) has a gigantic hole in it. He spilled superglue on it while we were in Atlanta, and when he pulled on the sheets that were glued to the bed, it pulled off this giant piece of the mattress, about 2 inches square. That's a huge hole for a waterbed. Mark has spent a lot of time patching it, and it is still not holding water completely. He slept on it last night, it appeared to be ok, but now it is dribbling again. Another repair job will be in the works tomorrow.

Calgon, slit my wrists.


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