Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Gees louise where is everyone?

Dy is probably playing with Emma, since they'll be leaving for Fairplay for the transfer in 13 hours or so. Laura and Denny are probably having another date night or somesuch. Cindi is probably at a play, and everyone else must just be out having a gay old time. Me? I've been home alone since 10:30 this morning when Mark went to work. I have laid on the couch and watched movies nearly all day.

The paraphernalia in front of the couch documents my entire day. Two soda cans, an empty box of Charlston Chews, a empty glass that had milk in it at one time, and a plate from lunch. I did go all out for lunch by the way. Bacon wrapped filet mignon, (remember the door to door meat guy? - we still have some left) grilled onions, and some green beans. Yum. It was fabulous. Good old George Foreman sho' know how ta grill.

I did manage to put on a bra and shoes and go to the post office, bank and grocery store. Well, I wore more than a bra and shoes, but those are the two items you can go without if you are hanging around the house all day.

Then Mark called around 6:30 and wants me to come to the dealership and look at a car. I fix my hair (hot rollers and everything), put on nice makeup, earrings, stink-um and again, shoes and a bra. I get about 5 minutes away and he calls and says "nevermind.." cause he's got a deal brewing. Bah. All dressed up and nowhere to go. Story of my day.

Katie's been working and with Charlie all day, tonight they went to Dan's to have dinner. Daniel is up for the weekend, so it's been a total ghost town around here. Kinda blah, really. I guess we all need solitary days like this now and then.


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