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Mouse Tales

I must preface -

Daniel's gerbil Tanya has an elaborate house of tubes and containers that we just keep adding to. Seriously, it looks ridiculous, but we just keep finding parts at thrift stores and adding to it. There's no rhyme or reason, it's just a maze mess.

Tonight Daniel brought one of the square containers that hooks on the end of one of the tubes and said, "I think Tanya is missing, cause this was off".

We all scrambled (even turning off our taped episode of Big Brother) downstairs and sure enough, Marla had Tanya cornered under the recliner. Mark said she's been trying to get under that chair all day, and he couldnt figure out why. Ah ha. We finally got Tanya captured and put back in her haven.

Not 10 minutes later, Daniel was in bed, I was up in my bedroom and I heard a loud crash, and then heard mark yell "MARLA...GET OUT OF HERE!!" We all came running and saw that Marla had knocked over the mouse cage (the other one, which contained Aitra and Pinky) and the mice were scrambling for freedom, and there was mouse poop and shavings everywhere. Gah!!

Pinky was the only one that actually escaped, and Mark and Daniel were able to get her back in her cage rather quickly. No small feat, considering what this basement looks like...books EVERYWHERE. Lots of hiding places. Personally, I think she was glad to be caught, considering the alternative.

So anyway, that's the latest rodent escapades. Naughty Marla.


School was pretty good tonight, but ran really late. We learned how to do all our basic vitals, and had a lot of fun taking each others blood pressure, testing pupils, breath sounds, pulse, etc. Then we had to be singled out in groups of three to run a scenario. I hate those, I always screw something up.

This time, one of my group members was supposed to be the lead Paramedic, yet I marched right into the call asking the questions. Blah. Our proctor said we took too long assessing the situation, even though she told us up front to do a focused exam rather than a rapid one. Blah again.

All in all we had fun tho, and I really like a lot of the people in my class. The girl with the big hair that I mentioned in the beginning and I have gotten to be good friends. And then whenever we break up into partners, this one guy always wants to be my partner, and that's cool cause he's funny and really smart. I can't believe that after tomorrow's class we will have completed 4 weeks of class already.

Big Brother - Oh BROTHER!

I don't even care who wins now. I don't even want to watch the end. (riiight)

I'm so damn pissed off about Robert being gone. What the hell, the jury chooses between those two beeyotches that are left? One thing was true about Robert's threat tonight tho, he does have a lot of sway with the jury. There's only 7 of them, and he's for sure got 3 votes that will go with him no matter what. Now the tide really turns, because Robert will more or less decide who wins.

His 7 year old daughter was there tonight when he got evicted, and (ssshh) Mark even had tears in his eyes.



I will have to watch it after school, so I won't be reading any of you spoiler types till after I see it. Whee!


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