Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Yesterday I had one of those moments. A reality check if you will.

"Oh, did you think you had some sort of authority? I'm sorry, let me just take that thought there's no confusion."

Not from anyone who matters. So I guess it's not so bad, but a slap in the face nonetheless.


And now, just some observations from a grouchy non-morning person.

Waiting for a 5 year old to finish eating is like watching grass grow. They could not possibly eat any slower. I'm actually convinced that when a 5 year old is eating there is actually some sort of time paradox going on, and that as they eat, the pop tart is actually getting bigger.

It is possible to completely lose a cup of coffee in the house. The frustration level that occurs when this happens is directly dependant on how much of the coffee you actually got to drink before it was lost.


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