Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I added a bunch of new links, will probably be removing some old dead ones today. Might have to remove some new ones already too, actually. I added Matt Moore's girlfriend (full-grown woman) but now it looks like she posts really infrequently. Plus, her comments don't work and she doesn't have an email address on her site. I actually like to ASK people before I blogroll them, but some people really make it difficult to get in touch. Ah well, looks like she's not gonna blog much anyway. I'm loving her boyfriends blog tho, the blog of the century of the week.. he sounds funny and quick witted...somebody that would be a hoot to drink with. (hint, hint)

Im pretty grouchy this morning. Probably best to just log off and warn everyone to stay away for a while.


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