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Took some links off, if you're looking for any that are gone, email me and I will give you the url. A couple of them listed are offline right now, hopefully they will be back up and running soon.

It's almost time to go to school, we're playing with our new stethoscopes tonight. whee. Amazing how since day one they've told us what day we have to have them, and yet some people still don't. It also kinda pisses me off too that by September 10 EVERYONE was supposed to have their CPR Certification, and all their shots...and some people still don't. Remember all the shit I went through to get all that on time? Why even have a deadline if you aren't going to stick to it.

Oh, one other thing that is getting on my nerves. Every test we've gotten back has errors on it. Things that were right, but marked wrong. Or scores added up wrong. Very unprofessional considering how much money this course costs. OH! And on that vein, they are always constantly short of equipment for us to learn on. There are at least 30 people in the night class, and probably the same in the day class. We've each paid over $1000 to take this course for 14 weeks. Do you think they could have adequate quality and quantity of equipment? No, of course not. Irritating, don't you think? There's a lot of things like that that keep popping up. They tell us if you aren't dressed properly (closed toe shoes, long pants) on skills night you don't particpate, but people still come dressed improperly, and they are allowed to participate. They say if you miss three classes your out. People have missed that and much more, and are still there. I dunno, I guess it just annoys me that the people that bust their butt to follow the rules have to make do with the people that don't. Bleh.

I'm a crab, I know!

Gotta go get ready. Lemme listen to your heartbeat....


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