Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Long night.

We watched Vivor late, actually finishing it just after midnight. I was sleepy, and am now a bit wired. My wrapup (same as I posted at Jennifer's place, as usual...she has great Vivor commentary and comments..

Oh yes, Rupert rules. However it looks like next week he might geta little Ghandia on us all. Could be bad for business. I love that he has enough balls to wear a dress, if ya know what I mean. He needs to give Olten (or whatever his name is) his pants. Hurry.

I hate the scout lady with a passion of a thousand white I do the "I'm worthless but I'm funny" dude. They need to hop on the slow boat to China hidden behind tribal council tent. And fast.

I love Sandra. Love love love her.

The naked guys. Dumb.

Nicole. I think she knew she blew it as soon as the spew starting coming out of her mouth. I'm glad she's gone. That necklace was starting to hypnotize me.

Tomorrow is Friday, chill day for me. Kids at school, Mark at work, Emma at mommy's. Let's call it blissday.


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