Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


God i am such a bitch. Anyway -
The word for the day is oooh, it was hella. Can i change it 12 hours later, same day? Im gonna. The new word for the day is weirdness. There is so much weirdness.
Ok, lets see whats happened. I need to come up with a code, first of all. Too much I want to log but not reveal completely. Anyway, I cant do that right now. Ok, well...DrK has crawled out of his hole for the time being. Good to see, but some real weirdness there. Am gonna look at the log more closely tomorrow when the fog has lifted to see if there's any need for real concern. Um, what else - KCR is all about weirdness too. "Hi, I'm a 5th grader". Best way to describe it. Makes me think of a giddy 11 year old that sits under the bleachers, so he can catch a glimpse of a girls underpants. Good God.
At this point, I was seriously considering ending dating all together for a time. There's numerous rationales I came up with, but mostly it's just because people are getting so damn weird. Im busy, Im going to school, I need to get caught up on some things, blah blah....mostly its just cause the weirdos are piling up. Enter Raul.

I "met" Raul online a looong time ago. Normally typical for me is to chat pretty much exclusively with peeps that I see some sort of potential with. Even if its just a common interest that leads to only friendship. So Raul messaged me one night in early 2000 sometime. I of course immediately looked at his profile and saw he was in Mexico. Stereotypes fly thick in my head, and didn't blow him off completely, but pretty much decided then and there that this was maybe a chat buddy and thats it. We talked for months and i shared a lot of struggles, etc with him. Sometimes I blew him off completely if I was in a bad mood. Well, after all this time, he turns up in Colorado, for a short business trip. We decide to hook up, and oh man...what a difference it makes meeting someone in person sometimes. I didnt really know a lot about him, because he wasnt on that often, and was always so polite and motivating to whatever crises I was having at the time, and thats largely all we talked about. Turns out he is the most interesting man I have met in a long time. I know he is too busy to read this, so I'm He is a professor at the University in Mexico City, and his parents live in Ixthapa. (I will look the spelling later, be nice), and also works for at an Oil Company doing research. He went to the school of mines and now has his Doctorate. He is extremely well spoken and I had such a good time talking to him. He's so articulate and polite. His english is very good, but he speaks very formally. He said "you have such an energy from your mouth, your smile..." wow, is that something? He wants to go out again before he leaves, which is just in a few days. No ltp (formally known as long term potential) but a very interesting person that I want to get to know better.

Ok, lesse - what else. Oh, I was making strange observations tonight, while driving ..waiting, whatever. Here's some:
Most people, if you had to ask them right this minute, would not know if their sun visor in their car was up or down.
Waitresses are nervous

God, I was thinking of all these things, now I am blank. More later. Maybe
The phrase for the day is: Hey Chica
Trivial moment of the day : I still dont know where my shoes are


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