Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


More weirdness -
Joe is here and I think he's mad about something. I dunno, Im telling you - he's like so on the edge of anger all the time! We know its steroids. He will seem like he's all in a bad mood and then he will start being funny. Maybe he's bi polar. Hey a bi- polar bear. Like he could either be a a polar bear that's manic depressive, or he swings both ways. Very interesting.
It's early and I'm antsy. I still need to put my makeup on. Oh no, Joe is bangin around. what does that mean...oh he is cooking something now. This is the ABC blow by blow Joe show. Oh god that is so great.

I want to be in Maryland soo badly right now.

How come the only html I know is bold and break. Im pathetic

Do you know where Charlie is? God..that could be a great webpage. Mmm ideas rolling around...the "where are they now" page. Not past and present, but like we are mad cause we cant talk to someone. Like if Charlie is missing...or someone I want to talk to is mysteriously not around, we could go to that page and contemplate where they were. I just asked Kt where's Charlie..and she said "I dunno, out with those fuckers..of his town.." thats exactly what she said. And the other night she asked me where's mark....and I said some choice words too. Lol. ok, I think this might work. The only problem is that none of the people we talk about could actually have access to the page. I know, we will make it a team blog, that only certain people are allowed into. Oh this is so great.

That idiot keeps signing off and on..what is her deal? I smell a skunk. I just want to spew but I am so much better than ok i have to go
Phrase for the day: Well, it's only tuesday
Trivial moment of the day. The shoes were in the purple bag..cha


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