Desert Sand Mica

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Saw this on a blog..i love it (If it's yours, let me know and I'll credit you, I didn't write down who's Blog I saw it on.) It fits today, so Im posting it.

Blame me for this night
I can’t turn off the light
Cause I am scared of the dark of tomorrow

Shall I live in solitude so as to avoid
The hurt I seem to cause you
Just let me know and show me
All I should have knew

I pray tonight
That I will find my way to tomorrow
In the same breath of prayer
I hope tomorrow never comes
And even though it feels so late tonight
I forget that I am so young

Sail me away to some reality
Won’t you introduce me to destiny
I feel like I have found part of every me
Now I just wish I could find the rest of me

I am accompanied by friends
But which ones hold me back
Are there friends I don’t need
Are there friends that I lack

Blame me for this night
Because my fingers are weary of pointing
Please don’t forget the roots of my distress ( so as you might tell me someday)

Please let me shed this skin
I’ve grown smothered and deranged
Give new innocence and life
Give me a time to rearrange

Please find help or send it
This is distress, this is SOS
Godamit is anyone listening
My life is such a mess


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