Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


The word for the day is Hot - it is..!
Had a fun weekend, thank goodness it isnt quite over yet, but it's winding down. Did not get my computer back at work on Friday. That was a huge bummer. Let's see, Friday night did some steaks on my new little barbie..that was fun..then basically just sat around. Too bad Joe wasnt here to see the real food we were eating. Saturday we tried to go to the park, but it started sprinkling and that put an end to that! We went and got fast food and a movie and went to the Coles Camp. Fell asleep during Space Cowboys. Mark is gone taking Emma back home, and then he wants to "chill" and go to bed early..oookay..then. I have to run up and get kt at 6:30, so whatEVEH. Daniel and I went to the gun show, then to the Hoffbrau for some lousy service and good food. More later, Im hot.


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