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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


The word for the day is boyfriend...angst only understood by me and Megan
A really bad night last night. The CCamp had an Asian invasion, so that was torturous in itself. Then, to make things 800X worse, our ISDN was down. We roamed around the house like lost puppies. We of course took some crazy pictures first. Then, we were gonna go get some food and fun, but the check mark wrote me was dated for Friday, for some unGodly we couldnt cash it. So we went home. Sat around watching tv with Joe for a while, and MrLD called. That was the high point of my night. Decided we were going to form a FBA (fuck buddies Anon) club so that we could talk each other through the temptations. We are having a contest to see who gets it first, but not by current FB. God, that's pathetic. lol Again, I so want to be in Maryland right now.
Am seriously considering the suggestion LD has made about distancing and muddy waters. It would be so much easier if there was something on the fringe. Maybe it's better that there isn't, better healing I think. I know it's unhealthy, but then again so is eating chocolate 24/7..which if that was available to me I would have a hard time turning down too. It's not been all hellfire and brimstone good lately anyway, so maybe this is the time. I dont think I can do it, but maybe I will give it a shot. Katie and Megan are here at work with me right now. TYDTWD. They are gonna go cruise the mall soon. Katie has found a typewriter and is in heaven. "This is the greatest thing and I need one" She is completely overwhelmed at the antiquated IBM Selectric. She is typing like a madwoman.
Tonight we are doing the Emerald Isle I think with the ColesCamp. Should be fun. I am leaving at 3:45 so that's ultra fun. Also, having lunch with Raul, so that will be cool.
Joe had Rachel over again last night - only i didnt know till i came out of the bathroom from a bath with just a robe on! lol He is also having a girl come from Tampa this weekend. woot woot. Man, we need to clean big time. Our apartment is a disaster, like no other. Ok, I think that's it for now..more to write, but not in the mood.
The phrase for the day is: Maryland, Maryland I need to be in Maryland
Trivial moment of the day: We really need to clean.


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