Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


The word for the day is backup - can it ever really be enough?
Nothing nothing nothing going on today. Bad words and vibes at the Coles camp last night, just misunderstandings, etc. I think everything is copesetic now. He stayed home today to ahem.."telecommute". Riiiight
Not sure what the dealio is tonight with Raul. I havent heard knows. Tomorrow gonna do the Emerald Isle with the brit and hopefully Racshid and Bonnie, we'll see. Should be nice outside for it, for sure. Only other plans so far are the gun show and park on Sat. Woot woot.
Looks like I am probably staying home tonight. Actually really looking forward to that, if that's what comes about. I need to clean up, big time. Poor Joe.
Let's see what else. Nothing from Mr.LD today. Not sure what his deal is. He called me at work yesterday tho, that was extremely cool. Bleh - just feeling bleh. More later maybe when the fog has settled in.
The phrase for the day is - blank for now
Trivial moment for the day - I am bored bored bored


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