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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


The word for the day is Friday, thank god thank god
My pc at work is in the hands of the incapable IT department. Inconvenient, and stressful! I backed everything up like a madwoman, so hopefully all will be well.
Great fun last night, went to Emerald Isle with the Coles Camp, Katie, Raschid, Bonnie, Gary, et all. I always love seeing them. We bugged out a little early so Mark could work on Joe's pc, plus Emma was getting restless. I love the deck at the Emerald Isle, no better place to watch the sun go down. Gorgeous!
Had lunch with RC yesterday, a great South American Restaurant in North Denver. I enjoy his company a lot, we are going to try to get together again before he leaves. Our mannerisms and personalities are completely bi-polar, but he is very interesting. Finally found out he is a Geophysicist. Wasn't quite sure up to this point what his actual title was. He is so polite and formal, very refreshing...especially lately.
Have been chatting and corresponding with Di a lot lately...that is very n ice. I like her so much, and really feel like there is no anomosity, which I think was both of our biggest fears. I knew I would like her. Interesting facts and perceptions, however. I validate her thoughts, she validates mine. Very
I guess thats about it for now, gonna BBQ some steaks tonight, if I can find a grill somewhere!
Phrase for the day: Does it upset your tummy, Joe?
Trivial moment for the day: If Joe ever successfully tapes a TV show, it will be a miracle


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