Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


4 hours of bookbuying today. 10 bags. Really packed to the hilt bags. Im pooped. We had fast food for dinner and the kitchen is a disaster.

I've been looking for the "Twin Peaks" series on VHS for some months, and had them on my and amazon wish list for a long time. I had it set where I would get an email if anyone listed a tape for under $5. (There are 5 episodes on a tape). Usually they go for about $12 apiece. Well, last week I finally got an email and picked up the first 5 episodes for a good price. 5 tapes to go.

So weirdness of all weirdness, I received the tape in the mail on Monday. Monday afternoon while we were book buying at Salvation Army I found the next 4 tapes for $1 apiece. Wow!! Soo weird that it happened right on the day when I got one in the mail. And I have been keeping an eye on them for months. Sofa King! Cool! (Say it outloud).

So now our new date movie is going to be episodes of Twin Peaks. We did Band of Brothers, Coupling and a whole host of movies. I love squishing together on the couch to watch fun stuff.

Not much else to write. Just busy, busy.


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