Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Lots of "taking care of business" going on, which is nice. Monday is the closing on Mark's condo -finally!-. Katie also comes back on Monday, which is great. She's called several times, mostly to whisper into the phone.."oh my god mom, I am so fucking bored. We are pulling our hair out one by one just to have something to do..please help me."

Also been taking care of other niggly business here and there. Stuff we've been meaning to do forever, but just couldnt get around to it. Just bothersome - gotta go here, do that, turn this in, pay for that, go here, go there - type stuff. Hate that stuff.

And after 11 days of trying, we finally have to concede that Daniel's waterbed cannot be patched. Mark's tried every damn thing and then some. The hole is just too big. So tomorrow evening we're gonna drain it, and take it apart and get him a regular bed. He's just too careless to have such a thing. Fixing this damn thing has caused more headaches, sharp words and stress than anything else lately...and it's just not worth it.

Tomorrow is ultra crazy day. We have tumbling in the am, then we are going to see the tail end of an auto auction, to see what they're like. (We're going again next weekend to check it out from start to finish). Then we are hitting a couple of neighborhood yard sales (one is 40 families!) then we have to be in Conifer by 4 to drop Daniel off. Gah! Then tomorrow night, the bed.

I talked to my mom, 4 days post dead-person-cornea-transplant. She's miserable. She cant see, and it hurts a lot, feels like sand in there..she says. It's the stitches, which likely won't come out for a few weeks. I've been reading some online journals of other cornea transplant folks, and it's a long slow healing..but usually worth it.

I'm headed for the bath...finishing up "The Hot Zone" (I highly recommend) in a cool tub. Yummy.


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