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Ugh. I feel like the summer is just getting underway, and then I get stuff in the mail about school registration. It's only like 5 weeks away! And the first day of school is...get this..47 days from today, on August 13. That's only 7 weeks away. 7 more Mondays. yikes! That's too soon! Then right after school starts it'll be Labor Day, then Halloween, kids birthdays, (10/3, 10/13, 11/16) then Thanksgiving then Christmas! I'm not ready!

It'll be an interesting year. Katie could be skating by with 1 english class and 1 elective, but she's taking a full load of honors and Advanced Prep chemistry, physics, spanish IV, and calculus. She's really hoping that she gets a good scholarship offer for Pharmacy school. Go, Katie.

And Daniel...well, let's just hope he makes it through the year again. 9th grade was a vast improvement over other years, but there is much progress to be made.

I'm excited for Emma to start kindergarten, although 47 days away just seems so soon! But at last someone else will hear the "why" questions all day long. I could never be a kindergarten teacher. This particular kindergarten program is 2 full days and one half day per week. I think she's gonna love it.

I've got a rip roaring I'm over and out.


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