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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I am so sunburned. It was so cloudy today, I skipped the Bullfrog and now am paying the price. I'm not like blistered or anything, just a nice lobster red. My face has suffered the worst, as that is the one thing I always put sunscreen on, so it was pretty white still. The rest of my body was already nicely brown. Now it's red-brown. Sienna, if you will.

Tomorrow is the last free day for some time. The upcoming appointments and "appearances" are daunting. I found out I not only have to have a Hepatitis shot, but an MMR and a TB test as well. The county health department already wants to charge me $40 for the HepB shot, I can't imagine what these others are going to add up to. Insurance, insurance, why have thout forsaken me so? Aye, and yet I am without. (ok, that was weird). Let's just say "Daayyumm I wish I had me some cov'rage!"

I received the fee schedule for my two lovely high school-aged children. $8 Time Tracker fee? What the hell is that?
$10 Technology Fee. Ok, gotta keep the Macs up and running I suppose. (Why schools use Macs is beyond comprehension, but they all do).
Senior Yearbook Mailing Fee $4 per semester. Huh?
PLAN Test Fee $15.
Yearbook $50 (optional - why thank you).
Suggested donation for After-prom party $25. No offense but I got your suggested donation right here. I have an idea, charge the kids who go to the party. Whee! A Revelation.

Then there are various fees for certain courses of study. These are just a few.
Art class $30.
Honors Chemistry $20.
Creative Cooking $30.
English Workbook (all grades) $9.
Foreign Language $15.
Wood Tech $40.
WOW class $12.

Yea, WOW is right.

Also enclosed in the packet are their current emergency cards. Make adjustments as necessary... Dan thought he was being sneaky last year by changing the kids parental contact number to his number. After repeated attempts to contact him various times, they finally had the super-intelligent notion to contact me. You know. Me. The custodial parent.

Most interesting about the emergency card is that the section of "who to contact if parent cannot be reached" is the woman that Dan was engaged to after the first woman he was engaged to, but not the woman he's married to now.

Ya Hoo, life is fun.


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