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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Yea, yea. I did get up a bit late today..but was just busy.

We met gramma Maxine for lunch, which Emma was really excited about. She "totally loves Gramma Maxine" she says. She told her all about everything that's gone on in her life in the past couple of weeks, and then some. Then we went over to her house and did a bit of yardwork (GAH) and Mark tweaked her computer a bit. She uses AO-hell, and we finally got her to upgrade from her current system of AOL 4.0!!! Yes, she was still on 4.0. What are they on now, 9 or something? Sheesh.

Amanda called after they got home from the airport. We talked for a good while about the Bahamas and how much fun they had. They did some snorkeling and had a lot of fun doing that.

Now they have to get all of Justin's things moved in tomorrow, he's moving in with Amanda from his parent's house so he doesn't have a lot of big furniture type items. Katie and Cindi went over there yesterday and stock them up with groceries, since they probably wouldn't have had anything after being on vacation all week. She was pleased to note that they had gotten quite a bit of money in the mail while they were gone.

She said she loved the wedding and was really pleased at how it turned out, but was surprised at how fast it seemed to fly by. She also wished she could have talked to more people, and especially said goodbye to certain people, but time just ran short. Im just glad she's back.

Katie is working, Mark is making coffee and Emma is going to bed. We've decided not to do book buying tomorrow because we just have so many other things to attend to. I've decided to take the EMT course (if I can get in, it's limited space) and I have to hustle and get a Hepatitis B shot and a First Aid card..pronto. Like..yesterday.

Hey, is anyone watching "The Restaurant"? Oh my gosh, could more things be going wrong? I am loving this show.


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